On August 11th, 2017 EMP Label Group will release ‘Desolation’, Motograter’s highly-anticipated sophomore album, produced by Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino/Ex-Machine Head) and mixed by Joshua Wickman (Within the Ruins, KING 810). The album was engineered by Luster, Wickman, and Jon Berrier, and recorded at Illustrious Productions, Dreadcore Productions, and BlackPlate Productions.


Art for DESOLATION was created by Mister-Sam Shearon, who has created covers for comic books and graphic novels including Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER, Judge Dredd, The X-Files, Mars Attacks, KISS, and Clive Barker’s Books of Blood as well as artwork for some of the biggest names in rock music, such as Godhead, Ministry, Rob Zombie, Iron Maiden, Powerman 5000, Biohazard, American Head Charge, Rammstein, Fear Factory and Kill Devil Hill.
Desolation marks the band’s first full-length album since the 2003 Elektra/No Name self-titled release featuring Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch) on vocals. Motograter is now fronted by James Anthony Legion (Deadform/The Breathing Process).

1. Parasite
2. Dorian
3. Victim
4. Paragon
5. Bleeding Through
6. Misanthropical
7. Daggers
8. Portrait of Decay
9. Locust
10. Rise (There Will Be Blood)
11. Shadows
Motograter is:

James Legion – Vocals
Matthew “Nuke” Nunes – Guitar
Jesse Stamper – Guitar
Mylon Guy – Bass
Noah “Shark” Robertson – Drums
Dustin “Skunk” Anderson – Motograter
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Motograter Promo by James Year (R.I.L Photo)


7/13 – OKC, OK – Thunder Alley
7/14 – St. Louis, MO – Firebird
7/15 – Mansfield, OH – INK IN THE CLINK
7/18 – Denver, CO – The Roxy

9/9/2017 – Headlining TitanFest in Fife Washington


9/27 San Diego CA Brick By Brick
9/28 Tempe AZ Club Red
9/29 Farmington NM Top Deck
9/30 El Paso TX Rock House
10/1 Odessa TX Far West Event Center
10/2 Lubbock TX Backstage
10/3 Fort Worth TX The Rail Club
10/4 Austin TX Grizzly Hall
10/5 Corpus Christi TX House of Rock
10/6 Lake Charles LA The Centerstage
10/7 Houston TX BFE
10/8 New Orleans LA Southport Music Hall
10/9 Marietta GA Swayze’s
10/10 Panama City FL The Dungeon Tavern
10/11 Tampa FL The Orpheum
10/12 Margate FL O’Malley’s
10/13 Winter Park FL The Haven
10/14 Jacksonville FL Nighthawks
10/15 Fayetteville NC The Drunk Horse
10/16 Spartanburg SC Ground Zero
10/17 Murfeesboro NC Zakk’s Coffeehouse
10/18 Sevierville TN Club 1341
10/19 Richmond VA Canal Club
10/20 Halthorpe MD Fish Head Cantina
10/21 Clifton NJ Dingbatz
10/22 Syracuse, NY Lost Horizon
10/23 Amityville NY Amityville Music Hall
10/24 Providence RI Firehouse 13
10/25 Reading PA Reverb
10/26 Buffalo NY Mohawk Place
10/27 Heath OH Muddy Creek Saloon
10/28 Camp Hill PA The Underground
10/29 Lansing MI The Loft
10/30 Louisville KY Trixie’s Entertainment Complex
10/31 Toledo OH Frankie’s
11/1 Westland MI The Token Lounge
11/2 Battle Creek MI The Music Factory
11/3 Racine WI Route 20
11/4 Braidwood IL Top Fuel Saloon
11/5 St Louis MO Firebird
11/6 Valparaiso IN Big Shots
11/9 Ringle WI Q&Z Expo Center
11/10 Omaha NE The Drinkery
11/11 Merriam KS Aftershock
11/12 Denver CO Herman’s Hideaway
11/15 Las Vegas NV Beauty Bar
11/16 West Hollywood CA The Viper Room
11/17 Pomona CA Characters
11/18 Santa Ana CA Malone’s


Produced by: Ahrue Luster


Mixed by: Joshua Wickman


Additional Production: Jon Berrier, Joshua Wickman, Motograter


Engineered by: Ahrue Luster at Illustrious Productions, Joshua Wickman at Dreadcore Productions, and Jon Berrier at BlackPlate Productions

Additional Guitar Tracking: David Chock


Digital Editing: Ahrue Luster, Mike Blanchard, Jon Berrier

Additional Guitar Editing: Oscar Rangel at Notal Studios


Samples by: Aleksi Oksa

Additional Samples by: Justin Fowler, Ahrue Luster, Jon Berrier


Artwork by: Mister Sam Shearon


Matthew Nunes would like to thank: Sarah Christine Mattson… soulmate… RIP. My magical daughter, Daphne Blue… Mom and Dad, Brian Becerra, Chris Lascola, Chris Vincent, Tony Milano, Marc Cattaneo, Pete Paniagua, Owen and Patricia Eister, Meegan, Lando, Joseph, and Bodhi Casabar, The Jones’, Tom Cussman RIP, The Furness Family, W. Furness, Diego Pina,  Dave and Dillon Pope, Ken Thompson, Jesse Hayhearst, Van Curaza, Old School Avila!! The Dirty Nickel, Dusty Musgrave, Derek Sheperd, Preston Scharf, The incomparable Jimbo Brown, Floyd Lavato, Bob Doty, Mike Teves, The Hinkle Family, Ritchie Lavato, Lee Davis, Julie Ogden RIP, Greg Harrison, The brothers Green, Joel Kelly RIP, Tiffany Privett, Tad Rip… All Motograter fans far and wide, American Head Charge, Ahrue Luster, Gene Baker, Justin Abernathy, The Beach Family, Chad Daniel, Manny English, Richard Danielson, Dave and Daniel Richardson, Gary Redd, Andrea Johnson, Kelly Stewart, Kelly Rodgers, Troy Oshann, George Lategola, Joe Young, Angel, Jer, Tyler, Mark Nosler, Jimbo Barton, Brian Mclaughlin, Bill Doty, Kerri Kantor, Shawn Orosco, Joshua Orosco RIP, Casey Cahill, Hed PE, All Moto Family…. Ivan Moody, Bruce Butler, Joey Krzywonski, Chris Binns, Zak Ward, Audrey Warman, Nicole Schwab, Auntie Joey Salazar!! Wonder Twin!!!! The Guys… Mylon, Noah, James, Skunk, and Jesse… Fuck Yeah!!!!!


James Legion would like to thank: Sara Robinson for all her love, Rhonda Sumners for being a great mother, Prentice and Faye Williams, Scott Williams, David Oakley, Tammy Morales, Ame Deaton, Michael Stewart, Jon Berrier, Garrett Barefoot, John Parker, Jaime Andrews, Tim Fisher, Doug and Toni, Griffin and Michelle, Sid Menon, Micah Moses, Wyatt Parish, Gary hall, Andrew Hairr, Derek Davis, Rick Ace, Brian Douglas, Will Peck and The Crew at Gumby’s


Mylon Guy would like to thank: Matthew Dean Guy, Martin Dean Guy, Shy-Anne Elizabeth Guy, Larry Dean Guy, Josephine Guy, Ozzy Ozzwald Cobblepot Guy, Clifford Lee Guy, Epifanio Zuniga, Nicole Schwab, Donna Schwab, Tim Schwab, Matthew Schwab, Tiffany Spell, Clayton Gheza, Weston Gheza, Jenny Noaks, Matt Williams, Dustin Musgrave, Brian Becerra, Marijuana, PBR, Well Whiskey


Noah Robertson would like to thank: My mom for always supporting my musical endeavors, My brothers Zac, Travis, and Josh and the rest of my family for your understanding, fans and friends – this album wouldn’t be possible without you, Torry and the rest of my Xcel Drumsticks family, my amazing Dream Cymbals family, Tama Drums, Brian Becerra for everything, Michael Boodagh, and everyone else that has helped me along the way…


Jesse Stamper would like to thank: Brit for always sticking by me throughout all the crazy in this life. I would like to thank my parents Jackie and Tim. I love you. Eric Davidson and Seth Peters for believing in me and encouraging me to take the leap of faith, pack up my life, and pursue my passion and dream and join Moto, Monty Scott, ESP Guitars. All my friends new and old, present and future. Last but not least my brothers in Motograter. I fucking love you! That’s what’s up…


Dustin Anderson would like to thank: My immediate family Rick Goar, Teresa Anderson, Zach Anderson and Amelia Anderson for the constant support. I’d also like to thank Tony Deal, Jessica Hall, Kevin Eh and Dustin Zannotto and the rest of my metal family for believing in me and for the kind words of encouragement. And finally much love for my Siskyou metal family. Skiss skiss bitch…


Motograter would like to thank:


EMP Label Group, David Ellefson, Thom Hazaert, Mister Sam Shearon, AMPED Distribution, Jason Spiewak, JLS Artist Management, Daniel Hillman, John Finberg, First Row Talent, Ahrue Luster, Joshua Wickman, Jon Berrier, Illustrious Productions, Dreadcore Productions, BlackPlate Productions, Justin Fowler, Hunter Brauer, Tama Drums, Schecter Guitars, Dream Cymbals, Xcel Drumsticks, MEE Audio, Wacken Foundation, Ernie Ball, Ahead Drumsticks, Steve Richards, No Name Recordings, Dick Blick, Brian Cox, Gene Baker, Zak “The Waz” Ward, Ivan “Ghost” Moody, Michael “Angel” Woodruff, Neil Godfrey, J.R. Swartz, Ty Fury, Aaron “A-Bomb” Abalos, Tyler Hole, Kery “Venom” Glennon, Bruce “Grater” Butler, Mark Nosler, Michael “The Kidd” Stewart, Chris “Crispy” Binns, Jeremy “Twitch” Scheller, Joey “Smur” Krzywonski, Joey “Vice” Vice, Eric Gonzales, Casey “KC Kaos” Cahill, Joey Vice, Nicole Schwab, Audrey Warman, Kelly Rogers, Brian Becerra, 3000psi, Michael Boodagh II, David Chock, Laura Jackson,


Motograter would like to thank our fans and supporters and everyone responsible for making this record a reality, especially: Jesse Decker Scott Raasch Blake Smith Mitchell Johnson Kodi Penrod Jill Colbert Bennie Ellis Aaron Lucas Dustin Miller Lyle Yazzie Michael Hillberry Rhonda Sumners Kim Melvin Mike Zechman Sam Carlino Calvin Sroka Jason Valadao Josh Westcott Joseph Palladino Jeff Pewton Mat Jensen Alisha Jezyk Anthony Mazur Shane Carroll Dawn Lang Austin Berman Stephanie Hanke Audra Robinson Joseph Amodea Mason Seavey Wesley Gabbard Amanda Gordon Jesus Castillo Justin Kroynovich Jonathan Mullins Trevor Ronde David Coss Megan Morris Karen Morris Kevin Hill Alex Duran Toni McCorquodale Kaitlin Andrews Justin Scott Sarah Mast Anissa Cervantes Braxton Gothard Dylan Williams Matt “Josh” Hancher Cecil Coote Andrea Coote Robert Lockhart Christopher Whittaker Larry Sills Derek Guderjan Jaimie Kater Clayton Carrozza Tony Crisel Christopher Matheson Bobby Sithavong Jacob Wright Greg Calderon Cameron Baker Michael Howe Brandon Beck Aaron Switch Oleg Daev Nicholas Misiak Ramon Rivera Stefan Boehm Stephen McMullin Deena Stevens RE:JECt Jason Gibbs Harley Stager Brad Hanyok Peter Gritt John Miller Miranda Goulding William Walsh Jamie Castellano Mary Kay Sales Phillip Medeiros Matthew Haas Paul Micholic Rob Saftu Kevin Doyle Joseph Sansone Derek Block Holley Barnett KC Lindorff Greg Meyer Patrick Baxter Bobby Boyer William Tompkins Saint Gabriel Taylor Dustin Radtke Brad Gilmartin Matthew Houtz Natalie Becker Frankie Marullo Joshua Fosburg Lance Peterson Emily Chang Christina Patton Joshua Davenport Justina Gaenslen Matthew Colburn Donna Kee Anthony Tomason Kevin Herron Sarina Barth Tara Miller Daniel Fox Derek Adams Rich Fahringer Robert Garrison Cody Guevara Jason Salisbury Josh Wise Kyle Marbaugh Richard Krider Brandon Heflin Roy Williams Sunny Williams Brad Stars Blaine Shrum Richard Skiba Kat Trinton Jones Leslie Clemmer Leslie Farmer Zach Peterson Tyler Leighton Crystal Copeland John Vail Timothy Stone Jasimine Beck Jonathan Johnson Jason Kirk Marcus Britain Nicole Turner Josh McIlrath Shelby Carpenter Drew Keller Jacob Sprague Steve Tillotson George Lategola Christopher Willard Cobb Siena Van Meter TJ Bent Richard Killgore Ryan Jensen Jeremiah Jensen David Reichman Dan Tenorio Sarah Clark Daniel Mofford Crystal Knowles Joe Carlson Alexander Williams C Mojar Christopher Owens Waylon Trakas Daniel Burch Juan Villa Zachary Finley Jeremy Woolever Dustin Stout Mark Miller Roger Worley Jamie Worley Timothy Czekaj Jr David Fulkerson Bas Antonisse Simone Van Heijst Joe Ponish Roger Williams Matt Greene George Evans Patrick Siefert Manuel Briseno Ian Fatchett Luis Diaz Justin Kendrioski Brady Homan Brandon Willis Pat Ray Jeffrey Stuhler Linda Stephens Matt Waite Sean Weaver Jonathan Haslar Into Existence KC Jared Winegardner Jenny Randleman Mikell Toms Mike Caron Patrick Lydick Tim Shaut Jr Douglas Nielson Johnny Franklin Frank Marullo Sam Carlino Nate Gonzales Mike Zechman Christopher Allen Doug Pauling Larry Yonnotti Bryan Smith Billy Thurston Weston Decker Michael Clark Gabriel Shepard Matthew Jensen Richard Prevete Aubrey Wright Reuben Begay Nicole Gillette Nicholas Pepper Jessica Stork Amy Reyes Jeff Debold Christina Ramirez John Ramirez Jonathan Amador Mark Jacob Bryce Philbrick Trevor Okrongly Daniel Grisius Scott Carr Henrick Hopp Eric Berthelson Jose Torrez Paulo Lector Giovanni Martinez Joseph Rudloff Mike Roe Levi Smith Jay Bruster Garrett Bottorff Ashe Hallaway Bobby Kirchner Frank Gonzales Brad Hoppes Brad Sullivan Brandon Warren Brent Harker Carmen Tsosie Celia Furness Chris Allen Craig Baker Clay Gheza Craig Junghändel Dan Beckett Daphne Nunes Davis Acuff Don Webster Duane Saluga Eddie Lynch Eric Hernandez Eugene Flores Flavio Glondys Gregory Valentin Isaac Stoddard Jacob Taylor Janise Kumar Jared Black Jeff Staples Jeffrey Kornfeld Jens Haufe Jeremy Millner Jeremy Tester Joseph Bingham Joshua Smith Kasey Bindert Kenny Bird Lyle Peaker Mark Murphy Maroš Fleischhacker Max Flohre McTwisty ChiaCakeHeadFace Mike Kassner Nick Bragg Ray Davies Richie Gill Rose Holmes Shane Perry Shawn Sterba Shelly Sander Sicrystalegion Stephan Adam Teresa Bishop Thomas Rosamilia Thomas Snyder Tim Akers Tomahawkfnm Tome Filiposki Toni and Doug Thompson Troy Ruppert Zabrina Baca Byron Zane Flores Raymon Rivera Blake North Scott Williams Patrick “Sir Smooth” Siefert Chris Oddo George Gerbil Will Jenkins Sean Skinner Spencer Godlewsk Josephine Guy Sergio Antonio Marin Peña Mark Sagendorf Holly Sagendorf Max Lindstedt Keith Brady Daniel Cantu Christopher Woodley Adam Derby Kenneth Williams Rex Darr Jeff Dixon David Bowman Gil Brian Fuentes Taylor Gabriel Joseph Liljedahl John Griesheimer Michael Loether Jr Tiphanie Ghares Daniel Garza III Tucker Elliott Sylvia Vaughn Aaron Zamkus Andre Filipe Charlie Denning Douglas Nielsen Garrett Alto Nathan Gonzales Nicole Foster Chris Bellach Eloy Garcia Sarah Kater Max McNigguh Joell Jansson Dean Steusloff Laura Jackson Jonathan Lowson Sofus Hammer Greggory Capet Nico Villanueva Ivan Pattillo Christy Shoffner Veronica Arriola Anthony Ricker Jason Wells Jesse Piper Larry Tearman Alexander Ronny Santoso Zachary Fox Aaron and Jessica Gerow Linda Fergie MoshPitChris Manney Jack and Alex Graves Steve Fields Kristoph Blackstone Steffen Passiel Craig O’Connor Davide Dalla Costa Mike Paulus Keith Selles Brian Surgeoner Jason Ebben Sgt. Jarret Henley Chris Weaver Jacob Gibbons Sarah Decker Matt Vaughn Robert Eaton Joshua Westcott Arthur Bloemsma Joshua Westcott Colin Wevill Michael Manning John Rocheville Travis Calmez Konstantin Senatorov Jeremy Lifestorm


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